City of Darkness

City of Darkness

Theatre Ash and David Glass Ensemble have begun to research, develop, devise and produce a spectacular piece of physical, visual and verbatim theatre. The piece will express the extraordinary vitality of life and astronomical levels of overpopulation found within Kowloon Walled City.

In 1994, with tears in her eyes, the nine-year-old Alice Cheung watched as her childhood home Kowloon Walled City was torn down and its residents sent to find new homes across Hong Kong and beyond. Alice went on to become a successful actress, world-class puppeteer and theatre maker.

Kowloon Walled City and Alice become the main characters in a piece of extraordinary physical and visual theatre piece about home and longing. Heartbreaking and hilarious, Theatre Ash brings together some of the finest talent in physical, dance and devised theatre from Hong Kong and beyond, to perform a heart-stopping elegy to a world long disappeared.

Theatre Ash’s Artistic Director Lok-Kan Cheung – who lived in Kowloon Walled City during her childhood – will collaborate with David Glass. Together they will develop the piece for a powerful six member ensemble of East Asian performers, including renowned and award-winning choreographer/dancer Martinus Miroto and Mui Cheuk-yin, and Hong Kong’s talented actor Chu Pak-Hong and dancer Max Lee. The team will be completed with award-winning theatre designer and hypnotic video artist Jinyao Lin, and a newly commissioned sound and music/percussion score composed by Alain Chiu.

City of Darkness will explode onto the international stage beginning with its premiere in Hong Kong in autumn 2018. With intense physicality combined with breathtaking visuals, the performance will be hilariously comic, touching and epically poetic – truly a theatre work for the 21st century.


Mortgage: Part 2 of The DEvine Trilogy

Mortgage: Part 2 of The DEvine Trilogy

Created a Monster and David Glass Ensemble present


The second part of The DEvine Comedy Trilogy: Purgatory


“Theatre’s not dead. It just smells funny.”

~ Antonin Artaud

A furiously visceral show, Mortgage tells the story of the painfully abused and miserable short and boring life of Beatrice Gunta Mortgage – Stage Manager. Mortgage has allowed the last theatre on earth, Hell, to burn down. Unless she rebuilds it, Theatre will officially be dead. She lures actors into fake casting calls so she can rebuild the theatre with their blood, skin and bones, naming the new theatre Hell 2. Beset by an incalculable number of mental and physical health issues, Mortgage will attempt a brutal stream of failed suicides with furious abandon – some slapstick, some poetic, some assisted by the audience. She can’t even kill herself. She will either bury herself alive, or – instead of an attempt at death – make an attempt at life and save theatre from the grim reaper of history.

From this provocation will grow a piece of dynamic new performance that explores a culture of managing art, hopelessness and the will to overcome all. Inspired by Peter Brook’s notion of living and deadly theatre, Artaud’s ‘Theatre of Cruelty’, magic and sacrifice, Mortgage will confound all expectations.

Mortgage is the centre piece of The DEvine Comedy Trilogy. The first part of The DEvine Comedy Trilogy, Hell, is a collaboration with Mark Ravenhill entitled Boredom which will be developed at Bath Spa University in late 2017. The last piece of the Trilogy, Heaven, is a two hander entitled Delusion, to be made in 2018/19.

We have already undertaken residencies to develop the show at Associazione Culturale Topi Dalmata, Siena; Theatre Delicatessen, London; and The Bikeshed, Exeter, as well as performed at Pleasance Theatre, London as part of HeadFirst Productions festival; Sex, Love and Death.

We will be performing Mortgage at Omnibus Theatre, London on 30th and 31st March 2018. Watch this space for ticket information…

Director – David Glass
Producer – Briony O’Callaghan
Assistant Director – Hester Welch
Performer/devisers – Briony O’Callaghan, Derek Elwood, Simon Gleave and Silvia Bruni

Created a Monster website

The Brides

The Brides

13 Brides. 1 Room. 0 Grooms. 4 Seasons.
Co-produced by Collectivo Theatre Siena and David Glass Ensemble

The Brides is a visually ravishing, provocative and hilarious evocation of ‘women and the female principle’. Thirteen Brides awaken in ‘The Palace of Survival’. They dance, fight, love and hope through the four seasons watched over by The Bride of Death.
After it’s debut this spring in the beautiful Teatro dei Rozzi of Siena, the show will tour throughout Italy in January and July 2018 before embarking on an international tour in 2019.
Devised by the company and directed by David Glass.
SHINING: An immersive evening of horror

SHINING: An immersive evening of horror

Inspired by Stephen King’s novel ‘The Shining’ and Stanley Kubrick’s film of the same name, David Glass’s breathtaking immersive production wowed sold out crowds on it’s first outing in 2017. Due to a hugely successful first run, Shining will Return to Bournemouth between February and March 2018.

“Take a closed, out-of-season hotel, a classic horror story, one of the world’s most exciting directors and we were swept into the increasingly crazed world of Jack Torrance. Stunning, scary and unmissable.”
Fine Times Recorder



A Spoken Physical Monologue about a World Without Meaning
Created and performed by David Glass

“Theatre was taken last night. Kidnapped there on the filthy street…”
Talking Shit, ‘The Death of Theatre’.

If the world has descended into meaninglessness, then Talking Shit is the only option. David Glass performs the second piece in his exploration of a new form of Theatre – ‘Trash Theatre’. Part ferocious satire, part celebration, David will disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. No unpleasant rock will go unturned. No road of futility will go unexplored. Be prepared to enter the imagination of outrage and madness. The only possible response to a world gone mad.

Currently on tour worldwide. Follow us on Facebook for updates.




David Glass Ensemble and OnSet present this visceral, Victorian punk production in their inimitably visual style. Satiric and passionate, physical and brooding – each moment is theatrical magic. The story follows Esther Summerson’s search for family and identity, set against a brutal legal system determined to destroy those beneath it. The themes of love, power and choice ring out loudly at this time of social upheaval.

Described as a “dazzling and powerful production” by Mike Alfreds (Shared Experience, National Theatre, RSC, The Globe). If you enjoyed the Ensemble’s award winning Gormenghast, you will love this.

The evening begins with forty minutes of immersive ‘Victorian Hell’ followed by the adaptation itself. Corsets and frock coats optional.


First UK performances will take place at Bath Spa University Theatre;

14th-16th September 2017

7.30pm & 2.30pm Saturday matinee



Produced by Konzept Arts & Ideas and generously supported by Santander Universities funding.

Due to tour nationally and internationally in 2018. For programming enquiries, please contact Natalie Richardson on