Mortgage: Part 2 of The DEvine Trilogy

Mortgage: Part 2 of The DEvine Trilogy

Created a Monster and David Glass Ensemble present


The second part of The DEvine Comedy Trilogy: Purgatory


“Theatre’s not dead. It just smells funny.”

~ Antonin Artaud

A furiously visceral show, Mortgage tells the story of the painfully abused and miserable short and boring life of Beatrice Gunta Mortgage – Stage Manager. Mortgage has allowed the last theatre on earth, Hell, to burn down. Unless she rebuilds it, Theatre will officially be dead. She lures actors into fake casting calls so she can rebuild the theatre with their blood, skin and bones, naming the new theatre Hell 2. Beset by an incalculable number of mental and physical health issues, Mortgage will attempt a brutal stream of failed suicides with furious abandon – some slapstick, some poetic, some assisted by the audience. She can’t even kill herself. She will either bury herself alive, or – instead of an attempt at death – make an attempt at life and save theatre from the grim reaper of history.

From this provocation will grow a piece of dynamic new performance that explores a culture of managing art, hopelessness and the will to overcome all. Inspired by Peter Brook’s notion of living and deadly theatre, Artaud’s ‘Theatre of Cruelty’, magic and sacrifice, Mortgage will confound all expectations.

Mortgage is the centre piece of The DEvine Comedy Trilogy. The first part of The DEvine Comedy Trilogy, Hell, is a collaboration with Mark Ravenhill entitled Boredom which will be developed at Bath Spa University in late 2017. The last piece of the Trilogy, Heaven, is a two hander entitled Delusion, to be made in 2018/19.

We have already undertaken residencies to develop the show at Associazione Culturale Topi Dalmata, Siena; Theatre Delicatessen, London; and The Bikeshed, Exeter, as well as performed at Pleasance Theatre, London as part of HeadFirst Productions festival; Sex, Love and Death.

We will be performing Mortgage at Omnibus Theatre, London on 30th and 31st March 2018. Watch this space for ticket information…

Director – David Glass
Producer – Briony O’Callaghan
Assistant Director – Hester Welch
Performer/devisers – Briony O’Callaghan, Derek Elwood, Simon Gleave and Silvia Bruni

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