The Brides

The Brides

12 Brides. 1 Room. 0 Grooms. 4 Seasons.
Co-produced by Collettivo Teatro Siena and David Glass Ensemble

Devised by the company and directed by David Glass.


The Brides is a visually ravishing, provocative and hilarious evocation of ‘the female principle’. Twelve Brides awaken in ‘The Palace of Survival’- they dance, fight, love and hope through the four seasons watched over by The Bride of Death. The expressive approach, rooted in the visceral exploration of emotion and imagination, unveils the intense research carried out during the creative process and communicates the strength, desperation and beauty of ‘femininity’.

After it’s debut this spring in the beautiful Teatro dei Rozzi of Siena in 2017, Brides Reloaded will be performed on the 23rd January 2018 again at Teatro dei Rozzi.

Tickets can be bought HERE.


The show will tour throughout Italy in late 2018 before embarking on an international tour in 2019.