“As a teacher David Glass pushed me completely out of my comfort zone, but I achieved more than I ever thought I could.”

Emma Williams

“David creates a space that enables creativity and an ability to explore feelings free of judgment. This gives us an unprecedented freedom. Those precious keys opened new doors in my life and my career.”

Jalal Ablaroubi

“David Glass has the ability as a teacher and a director to find memories and knowledge within the actor, which once explored in enough detail can become the purest and rawest material.”

Alex Pinnard

“David Glass is insightful, challenging, unique and a true artist. David is one the most controversial people I have ever met whom is also very generous and down to earth, his teaching and directing approach breaks the mould by encouraging debate and opinions; while emphasising that no answer or question is wrong or idiotic and that embracing life’s failures encourages understanding and perspective.”

Becky Ayling

“David as a teacher always puts his student’s development above anything else. His lessons are far more than learning information to be regurgitated in an exam; they are more concerned with the growth and development of the students as people rather than products. My belief is that the arts need more people like David Glass directing theatre. David makes exiting theatre that has a message and I feel David is one of the rare directors that can evoke change through their theatre. David has helped me develop as an actor and a person.”

Matt Penson

“I do not believe I have respected an individual, I have come across in my life as much as David Glass, so far. David has been an influential teacher and director to me, allowing me to have a voice and a platform in which to climb on, as I start my adventure into this exciting industry. David has not just influenced me professionally, but has influenced how I see the world and how I can change the world. Giving me belief that I can make a difference using my art. Everyone should be given the privilege to listen and learn from David, a wacky old git with an intelligent head and a good heart.”

Jake McDaid

“An annoying evil genius”

An undead ex-student

“I have been fortunate to take part in several of David’s workshops here in Singapore and have found them to be eye-opening. Not only do they encourage deep insights into acting and Art, but also into the very world around us. Bursting bubbles and emerging with fresh views is a provocative and revealing result of taking part in these workshops. David’s classes have also given me wonderful tools to work with in particular, The Actors’ Meditation which I have used personally and also with other actors, and have found it to be so very valuable.”

Susie Penrice Tyrie

“David is a great trainer!”

Lim Xin Yi

“I really appreciate [David] teaching us Active Meditation and allowing me to share it with others. I truly see the benefit it brings others and in return, it gives me great pleasure to co-create with others; to help others get present with their bodies and minds and to function as a human being, not a robot… David has a great eye for detail and constantly reviews and provides insights about exercises which is greatly beneficial for his students. His method of teaching also provides his students, tools that they can readily use when they leave the workshops. David is a person of remarkable talent coupled with a warm and generous spirit which is apparent in the way he gives his time and energy to his students. David Glass shows us, truly how theatre and the arts is essential to a conscious and well-rounded life.”